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Head 2 Tails Grooming – Where your dog is the star!

Head 2 Tails Grooming employs many pet services to keep your small dog (up to 30 pounds) looking good. Give your pooch a bath, shampoo, blow dry, or nail trimming.  Not only will your pal look more attractive, he will be healthy and happy. Your dog will always be comfortable while spending time in our salon.

Dog grooming

Bathing and blow drying

Every dog deserves a nice professional bath once in a while. We give your dog a full-service pet bath that includes other pet services such as, deodorizing, shampooing, anal gland evacuation and blow-drying.  

Hair clipping

Bring your dog in to help him get rid of those tangles and clumps of hair. Our hair clipping services are easy and completely comfortable.

Toenail clipping

Tired of seeing dog scratches all around your home? We have a stress free way for trimming your dog’s toenails properly.

Ear cleaning

It is important to properly clean your dog’s ear to avoid dangerous infections. We make sure your dog has clean and healthy ears before he leaves us.

pet services


Are you tired of fur around your home? Come see us! We are equipped with tools and brushes to manage long hair de-shedding.

Nail painting

We take pride in accessorizing your dogs. Get you pet in for a fun nail painting session, and let her show off her stylish toe nails to her friends.

Odor removal

Unable to get rid of that weird smell from your pet? Don’t worry! Our essential oils and soapy bath will do the trick!

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Proudly serving Scottsbluff, NE, including Gering, Alliance, Kimball, Pine Bluffs, Harrisburg, and Chardon. Also including Torrington, WY.